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Submitted journal publications
  1. The impact of the non-ideal magnetohydrodynamic processes on discs, outflows, counter-rotation and magnetic walls
    J. Wurster, M. R. Bate & I. A. Bonnell
    Submitted to MNRAS.
Refereed journal publications
  1. There is no magnetic braking catastrophe: Low-mass star cluster and protostellar disc formation with non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics  [Videos]  [Data]
    J. Wurster, M. R. Bate & D. J. Price
    MNRAS, 489:1719-1741, Oct 2019.
  2. Disc formation and fragmentation using radiative non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics  [Data]
    J. Wurster & M. R. Bate
    MNRAS, 486:2587-2603, June 2019.
  3. The role of magnetic fields in the formation of protostellar discs
    J. Wurster & Z.-Y. Li
    Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Science, 5:39, December 2018.
  4. On the origin of magnetic fields in stars  [Data]
    J. Wurster, M. R. Bate & D. J. Price
    MNRAS, 481:2450-2457, December 2018.
  5. Hall effect-driven formation of gravitationally unstable discs in magnetized molecular cloud cores  [Videos]  [Data]
    J. Wurster, M. R. Bate & D. J. Price
    MNRAS, 480:4434-4442, November 2018.
  6. Phantom: A smoothed particle hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics code for astrophysics  [Code]
    D. J. Price, J. Wurster, T. S. Tricco, C. Nixon, and 23 others.
    PASA, 35:e031, September 2018.
  7. The collapse of a molecular cloud core to stellar densities using radiation non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics  [Videos]  [Data]
    J. Wurster, M. R. Bate & D. J. Price
    MNRAS, 475:1859-1880, April 2018.
  8. Does turbulence determine the initial mass function?
    D. Liptai, D. J. Price, J. Wurster & M. R. Bate
    MNRAS, 465:105-111, February 2017.
  9. NICIL: A stand alone library to self-consistently calculate non-ideal magnetohydrodynamic coefficients in molecular clouds  [Code]  [Data]
    J. Wurster
    PASA, 33:e041, September 2016.
  10. Can non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics solve the magnetic braking catastrophe?  [Videos]  [Data]
    J. Wurster, D. J. Price & M. R. Bate
    MNRAS, 457:1037-1061, March 2016.
  11. A comparative study of AGN feedback algorithms.  [Videos]
    J. Wurster & R. J. Thacker
    MNRAS, 431:2513-2534, May 2013.
PhD Thesis
  1. Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei: A Study of its Impact and Numerical Implementations.
    J. Wurster
    October 2013.
Master's Thesis
  1. Defining Gravitational Singularities in General Relativity.
    J. Wurster
    October 2008.